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Equip your team with step-by-step video tutorials covering diverse coating systems, accessible anytime for convenient on-demand training.


Sq. Ft. Coated

Get hands-on experience and practical training with over 28,000 square feet of real-world surfaces coated in our Leggari coatings.


Systems Covered

From concrete and asphalt repair to decorative epoxy finishes, your team will gather the expertise to handle maintenance projects in-house.

Active Community

Lifetime access to our active member community – connect with Academy experts and trained pros for answers to all of your questions.


People Trained

Benefit from over 600 successful graduates who are already using the Leggari systems, ensuring a tried and tested approach to success.



Leggari Academy is regularly updated to cover the latest techniques and best practices for facilities maintenance across all sectors.


Industries Served

Leggari Academy equips your team with the skills to maintain and upgrade surfaces in any industry, ensuring your facility stays in top condition.



Receive exclusive lifetime discounts of up to 40% on Leggari Products, reducing material costs for your in-house maintenance projects.

unlock your team's potential with our comprehensive training courses.

Leggari's solutions have been successfully implemented across 50+ industries, including facilities just like yours.


Different Coatings
Systems Covered


Video Lessons


Square Footage Coated

⚠️ Leggari Academy and Leggari Products: Revolutionizing Facilities Maintenance and Restoration

As a FACILITIES MANAGER or MAINTENANCE MANAGER, you’re constantly seeking ways to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and keep your facility in top condition. Leggari Products and Leggari Academy offer a groundbreaking solution designed specifically for your needs.

Our comprehensive training program has been expanded and tailored to address the unique challenges faced by facilities professionals like you. With Leggari Academy, you can empower your in-house maintenance team with the skills and knowledge to tackle a wide range of restoration and maintenance tasks, reducing your reliance on outside contractors and saving valuable time and money.

Discover the exciting new features and benefits of Leggari Academy:
  • Industry-Specific Training: Our updated curriculum covers the latest techniques and best practices for facilities maintenance across various sectors, including food processing, government, healthcare, manufacturing, education, wineries, and utilities.
  • Comprehensive Skill Development: From concrete repair and epoxy coatings to decorative finishes and surface preparation, your team will gain the expertise to handle diverse maintenance projects in-house.
  • Accessible Online Learning: Our user-friendly online platform allows your staff to learn at their own pace, minimizing disruption to daily operations and accommodating busy schedules.
  • Exclusive Resources: Access our extensive library of reference materials, including color cards, safety and technical data sheets, and project checklists, empowering your team to tackle projects with confidence.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the knowledge of industry veterans through pro tips, real-life problem-solving strategies, and a supportive community of Leggari experts and alumni.
  • Cost Savings: Enjoy exclusive discounts on Leggari Products, reducing material costs for your in-house maintenance projects.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Streamline your maintenance processes with innovative techniques and proven strategies designed to minimize downtime and maximize results.

By investing in Leggari Academy, you’re not just training your team—you’re revolutionizing your approach to facilities maintenance. Empower your staff, reduce costs, and keep your facility in pristine condition with the unparalleled support and expertise of Leggari Products and Leggari Academy.

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